How to create a blog with Google Docs

Last updated March 8th 2020

How to create a Blog with Google Docs

This post details how to create a blog using only Google docs and Docdown. Docdown is an application for converting your Google documents into meaningful web content, from help centers  to legal pages, Docdown can  do it all.

Create a Google Doc

The first step in the blogging process is to create a blog post with your content.

Sign up for Docdown

Head over to and click “Get started” this will begin the onboarding process.

Create a new “blog” site type

Click  the “blog” site type which will configure the Docdown blogging funcionality.

Go Live

Now that you have selected your site type and linked a couple of documents, you can publish to go live! Soon you’ll end up with a site similar to thise one.

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